Zombies take on... Everything
Zombies take on... Everything




They're Out There, & They're Gonna Get You!

If You're Here It's Because You've Out Run The Dead And Have Been Lucky Enough To Find A Safe Place &  An Internet Connection.


But Have You Searched & Re-Searched Your Shelter. Did You Find It Ranshacked? Are The Windows & Doors Bolstered Shut? Is There Food In The Cupboards? Or Has The Kitcken Been Rummaged Through. Have You Checked Closed Rooms & Closets For Any Former Bodies That Quickly Hid After Being Bitten? You Don't Want To Run Into Those Later. And Where Are The Keys To That Truck Outside?


Stressfull?               Yes


Whether Green Gray Slow Or Fast, Zombies Are Out There!


And Let's Face It, It Might Be Fun To Be A Zombie For A Day!


Join A Horde At The Movies, A Museum, At A Book Release. In A Song, Concert, Convention Or Zombie Walk. You May Find That Resistance Is... Irresistable.


If You Do, There May Be A Zombie Happening Near You!


Now Tell Barbra To Stop Crying, Get Up & Start Looking For The Keys To That Gas Pump!