Zombies take on... Everything
Zombies take on... Everything

Zombie Reference Books

Zombie Reference Book Title Zombie Author

American Zombie Gothic

The Rise And Fall (and Rise)

Of The Walking Dead In Popular Culture

Kyle William Bishop

Better Off Dead

The Evolution Of The Zombie As Post-Human

Deborah Christie &

Sarah Juliet Lauro 


Book Of The Dead

The Complete History Of Zombe Cinema

Jamie Russell 
Braaaiiinnnsss! From Academics To Zombies Robert Smith?-Editor 

Eaten Alive!

Italian Cannibal And Zombie Movies

Jay Slater 

Generation Zombie

Essays On The Living Dead In Modern Culture

Stephanie Boluk &

Wylie Lenz 


Gospel Of The Living Dead

George Romero's Vision Of Hell On Earth

Kim Paffenroth 

Introdcing Zombies (Famous Movie Monsters)

Thomas Forget

Race, Oppression And The Zombie

Essays On Cross-Cultural Appropriations

Of The Caribbean Tradition

Christopher M. Moreman

& Cory James Rushton

Theories Of Internatinal Politics And Zombies Daniel Drezner 

Zombie Banks

How Broken Banks And Debtor Nations

Are Crippling The Global Economy 

Yalman Onaran 

Zombie CSU

The Forensics Of The Living Dead 

Jonathan Maberry 

Zombie Culture

Autopsies Of The Living Dead 

Marc Leverette &

Shawn McIntosh



Zombie Holocaust

How The Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture

David Flint 
The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia Peter Dendle

Zombies Are Us

Essays On The Humanity Of The Walking Dead

Christopher M. Moreman

& Cory James Rushton

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