Zombies take on... Everything
Zombies take on... Everything



Delectably Delicious Zombie Jello Brains Delectably Delicious Zombie Brains

It Seems Like Only Yesterday, Mom Was Making Delicious Jello Deserts.


Now You Can, Too.


Enjoy Delectably Delicious

Zombie Brains.


Or Fresh Gray Matter.


Even A Fresh Heart For That Special Someone In Your Life.


Deliciously Devious Zombie Treats Await In All Sorts Of Shapes And Flavors.


Now Make Like A Russo Return Of The Living Dead Zombie And Moan...




Yes, Brains!


Since 1985's The Return Of The Living Dead, Some Zombie Fans Have Been Horrified At "Brain" Moaning Zombies.


Is It Because A Corpse Wouldn't Have The Dexterity Of Vocal Control.


Or Because The Brain Can Be Difficult To Get To, Being Inside The Skull.


Or Is It Because It's Not George A. Romero's Zombie Ghouls From Night Of The Living Dead & Dawn Of The Dead.


Whatever The Case, It Shouldn't Matter...


...Because Brains Are Delicious & Lots Of Fun!