Zombies take on... Everything
Zombies take on... Everything


Red Heart Cherry Jello Zombie Food Red Heart Cherry Jello Zombie Food





You'll Need

  • 6oz. Cherry Jello Mix
  • 1 Cup Boiling Water
  • 1/2 Cup Cold Water
  • a Smear of Butter or Vegetable Oil
  1. THOROUGHLY CLEAN THE MOLD Before Each Time You Use It With Warm Soapy Water And A Sponge Or Soft Cloth
  2. GREASE THE MOLD By Smearing Or Spraying It With Butter Or Vegetable Oil. Make Sure To Wipe Off The Excess
  3. COMBINE JELLO MIX & BOILING WATER, Stir For 2 Minutes Until Mix Is Disolved. If Stired Too Vigorously, Mixture Will Foam
  4. STIR IN THE COLD WATER                                        (Make Sure You've Greased The Mold)
  5. POUR THE MIXTURE INTO THE MOLD Not Letting it Overflow
  6. PLACE THE MOLD IN A SHALLOW BOWL To Keep It Level.     A Towel In A Bowl May Be Helpful To Keep The Mold Balanced
  8. REMOVE JELLO FROM THE MOLD By Placing An Upside Down Plate Over The Mold's Open Area Then Flipping Them Both Over. Gently Wiggle The Mold As You Slowly Lift It Off
Red Heart Cherry Jello Zombie Food For Your Loving Dead Red Heart Cherry Jello Zombie Food - From The Heart For Your Loving Dead

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