Zombies take on... Everything
Zombies take on... Everything

Survivor of the Dead's

Zombie Pictures

Sometimes There Exists A Grainy Image

Of A Legendary Beast

A Mysterious Creature's Bloated Carcass On A Sandy Shore

Or An Unidentified Flying Object


This Is Where You'll Find Photographic Evidence Of Zombie Sightings At

Zombie Walks - Zombie Events & Zombies @ Conventions 

5th Annual Hollywood Subway Zombie Walk

Zombie Fashion Show & Creature Art Exhibit

Run For Your Lives @ San Bernardino, CA

6th Annual So Cal Summer Zombie Walk

Inaugural East L.A. Zombie Walk'n

5th Annual So Cal X-Mas Zombie Walk

4th Annual

Hollywood Subway Zombie Walk

Zombies swarmed out of the Hollywood & Highland Red Line Metro Station in Hollywood, California. A few survivors made it out. One survivor was able to take these snapshots...


Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

Robot Chicken's Seth Green Under Attack by a couple of Red Shirt Zombies

Zombies invaded Long Beach on October 29, 2011. There happened to be a comic & horror convention in town. We follow a Star Trek Red Shirt who didn't make it back to the Enterprise but made it back all the same.